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senryu (green fog emissions)
green fog emissions
pour out from his mouth-
garbage talk
senryu (husband's gait)
husband's gait
compared to a turtles-
turtle wins
senryu (when he talks)
when he talks,
foul odors
fill the room
senryu ( scientist say)
scientist say
there are no Bigfoot-
they haven’t met dad
senryu (massive thunderstorms)

blowing in the wind,
my arms and thighs generate
massive thunderstorms
senryu (three-ringed circus)

my life's a journey
wrought with comedy and show-
albeit, three-ringed
senryu (squealing) ...political humor

helium anomalies
expel gas
haiga (grey lady) -- regarding Lake Superior (click to see photo)

grey lady-
temper is infamous
bones litter floor
senryu (angry hen)

angry hen
clucks non-stop,
rooster's deaf
haiku (oh moon)

oh moon,
my mortal touch longs
for you
senryu (carpal tunnel)

carpal tunnel-
one too many strokes
on the keyboard

senryu (senryu)

isn't for pansies
dig it
senryu (our love)

our love 
might be an impromptu song,
but it's well noted

senryu (macho man)

macho man's
softness exposed-
pants split 


AmitAag said...

..lovely haiku Melissa!

Melissa Bickel said...

Thank you so much for reading. This form of poetry is one of my favorites.


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