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Milton Road

Making my way down Milton Road
with a smoke between my lips.
Got miles to go, but don't give a damn
I've no place else to be.

On the rise, clouds roll by
as I hum a Mellencamp tune-
Kick a stick into the ditch,
flick my ashes as I think of you.

It's been some time since that 5 and Dime,
our usual hang out place-
Where I'd slip between your levi'd thighs,
put my arms around your waist.

Funny how those days flew by,
now there's less of you in my dreams.
Still there's an ache for those crazed days
when we were young and carefree.

Making my way down Milton Road,
passing through the smoke that's left my lips-
I realize how the miles stretch on
like old memories beneath my feet

1 comment:

Philippa Drake said...

Very expressive verse.


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