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Hungry Cottage

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Curiosity is like Chinese water torture, a continuous and annoying harassment of the mind. The locked room piqued the interest of the Spencer children, thus tormenting their minds. Since entrance was forbidden, they could only speculate about what was behind the door.

One thing they knew for certain, "Something was in there." They'd tried and tried to convince their parents, but to no avail. They wondered if their parents, were deaf and blind? Each night the same clanging and rattling reverberated up and down the staircase.

The parents told their children, "The cottage was just settling onto its foundation, being that it'd been around since the late 1800's." The kids knew it had settled long ago and was now on the downside of neglect.

"What did Ghost do during the day? Tommy had asked his siblings.

His question caused Jim to wonder, "Did ghost sleep?"

They all thought about what was behind the locked door? What was so important, the staircase was haunted every night?

The few times they attempted to peer inside, their parents blocked their view. Curiosity boiled within them, like a bubbling witches cauldron. The Spencer kids wanted to "See" the discontented spirits with their white sheets and heavy chains floating mid-air.

Not to be deterred, a plan was formulated. They were going to find out what was behind the door. If it meant being grounded until their twenties, so be it. They were "Going" to see ghost. Even if it was the last thing they'd ever do, things were going to be found out.

Little did they know curiosity can and will kill. "Finding out" was the last thing the Spencer children did...

..The cottage breathed a sigh of relief. The deed was done. Humans disrupted its quiet, especially children. They were too loud and had little regard for what wasn't theirs.

It'd tried to warn the kids time and again. Repeatedly moaning and groaning, rattling its pipes, using the night time to frighten. The kids thought it ghost. How stupid of them. They'd no business invading its chamber.

The contract, for summer occupancy, specifically asked that children not be allowed to enter or peek inside the room. No questions were to be asked. Agree or don't, it was that simple.

It was one thing for grown ups to enter the locked room, because all they saw was another bedroom. They'd stopped believing in monsters as they grew up. The young however, they see and believe in everything. It would have meant its death, if they'd been allowed to leave its room.

When the Spencer children stole the key from their father, the time had come to put an end to their curiosity. That was the price paid for being nosy.

Rumor has it their parents did "Everything" to find them. They weren't to be found. Curious children are eaten by cottages, when rules aren't followed.

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Shadow said...

oh wow, harsh punishment... loved your story, mysterious, my favourite kind...


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