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Your death

There was to be no comfort
that October day
We stood there each
mourning your passing.

Memories swirled,
like Autumn's falling leaves.
We cried, prayed and hugged
a little tighter.

Then you were lowered
into your final resting place.

There wasn't time for the sun-
Only thousands of drops of sorrow,
which death kept stoked.

We moved forward,
but the void never filled.
Your death changed us all.

Despite the sun's failing
to warm us that October or
the fact we went through hell-
we've learned you still live within us dad

...but you're missed.


Mary said...

Very poignant. I don't one ever gets over certain losses. A parent will always be missed.

Shadow said...

some people may leave this earth, but will never leave our hearts... beautiful!

Melissa Bickel said...

Mary - You're right, they're always missed

Shadow - that is the beauty and sadness, we do keep them in our heart. Thank you for reading.


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