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Carry On Tuesday (What is a friend)

What is a friend,
but the dawn of day-
or the warmth from the sun,
on a cold Winter's day

A friend's an advisor
in times of distress-
Who always love you,
when your emotionally upset

An anchor in life's seas
which pitch and churn-
Keeping you steady
through maelstorms, unhurt

A friend is the petal
on each flower born,
With beautiful colors
so richly adorned.


Myrna R. said...

This is so nice. You have the right idea of what a friend is. Enjoyed reading this.

Laura Maria said...

How sweet! It is exactly what friendship is.

KB said...

A friend is...YOU x

my heart's love songs said...

really lovely!

joanne said...

A real friend is a gift that I envy .... well said


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