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Carry on Tuesday (meme)

Please visits Keith's,  Carry on Tuesday and join in. Let your creative juices flow.


"Life isn't about what happens to you..."

"I disagree" she said, stomping her feet for emphasis. Two blonde ponytails bounced on a pert head, while two little fist rested on her hips.

Three year old Tammy was a "Drama Queen" in the training. She'd seen her ten year old sister acting the same way, on many occasions, so she knew the routine.

"TAMMY," her frustrated father said, "sometimes other people come first. You can't always get your ice cream before everyone else."

Tammy was beyond reasoning and her father, out of his element, wished his wife was with him. She'd know what to do. She always remained calm.

"Okay," Tammy's father mumbled to himself, "Life might not be about Tammy all the time, but he knew if they'd had boys, instead of girls, he'd have handled this situation without any problem."

For one thing, they wouldn't be at "Fluffy's Ice Cream Parlor" getting ice cream. They'd be out on the lake, fishing, like any other father and son.


keiths ramblings said...

Little girls! Takes me back to when my two were small! A delightful piece Missy. Thanks for taking part in Carry On.

Shadow said...

mmm, i think boys are easier too...

Melissa Bickel said...

Thank you two for commenting and stopping by. I know raising a boy was pretty easy for me. If I'd had a girl, it'd been awful if she'd turned out to have my personality LOL.


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