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 Simba was a Chihuahua with an attitude far bigger than his stature. He was the Rambo of little breeds.

He had the courage of a lion and the bite of a miniature alligator. One would be crazy to think his personality would be anything less than magnanimous. I suppose that is why he was named Simba. My sister was good at recognizing the true character of animals, thus his name came to be.

His color was fawn, and in small breed types he was considered long-legged. Simba had short hair and dark eyes that didn't truly bug out, unlike so many of his kind. He could strut his stuff like any professional runway model. Yes, Simba was too sexy for himself (or so he thought.)

We had Simba for twelve amazing years. Call it foolishness, but he truly was a member of our family. Life centered around Simba and he loved it. When we had Simba put to sleep, mom, Joshua and I stood hugging one another and grieved.

The veterinarian staff wrapped Simba in his favorite blanket, then handed him back to us in the wooden box we'd brought. When all was said and done, a friend of the family buried him on his property. Mom had selected a spot next to their shed, but had Leon place Simba facing the river. He'd loved it.

The years have flown, but Simba remains in our memories. His dog tags and photos remind us that "All Creatures Great And Small" can touch our lives in many ways.

Simba the (Lion Hearted) was truly one of nature's beautiful creatures.

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