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Marmalade Boulder

My yellow cardigan
wears the scent of woodsmoke,
coffee and a relived memory

We'd been leisurely sipping coffee,
around the fire pit, I blushed
at a thought that'd come to mind.

We were on vacation in New Mexico,
high in the Gila forest -
We were young and in lust.

No words were spoken
as you eased me onto the marmalade boulder,
next to our fishing spot

We made wild love, crazy love. Two people
unafraid of expression and who were so physically
in tune to the other's need

I vaguely remembered
the boulder's rough texture,
but I do remember calling your name
over and over as I went over the edge-
With you

Funny how a smell can trigger lost moments
in time.

Today, unhurried, our love
creates a connection -
not of just our union -
but of soul, heart and mind.


Lydia said...

There is a lot of power, sweetness, and love in this poem. It brought up a few of my own memories.....

Melissa Bickel said...

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading this.


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