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senryu series (brightest star)

the brightest star
evaporates morning's mist
and your dreams retreat

my feet found
both joy and pain within and
silently drifted through them

now, quiet mantra's
retreat in early light but
echoes with dawn

I surrendered to
the boundless horizons
beheld within your soul

an ocean of dreams
in morn's needful hour,
your inlet of calm

daylight caresses you and
as your body wakes,
I fade away


Marja said...

A sensitive beautiful poem which makes me drift away. You are still a master Missy. Hope all is well with you

KB said...

Beautiful. I've missed reading your poetry. Love ya x

Missy said...

Marja - Thank you so much for stopping by. I've been rather busy the past two years, but life is settling down

Karen - Thanks Kiddo. I've missed blogging. I think I'll be at it since I have lots of time on my hand and no one to interrupt lol


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