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You call "that" poetry?

We've a debate going on @ Helium.com  regarding poetry. There is some good information about peoples' ideas, concepts and so on regarding poetry and particularly Free Verse.  Give a read , add your voice. It's how we grow as poets.

Melissa R. Bickel

I want to write a free verse poem which captures those who say it isn't.
I want to entice their stroll amid the punctuations or lack thereof.
Then each one, reading, can caress(with their eyes)those words reclining on the line.

Don't be fooled by this lazy river of lines they can come swiftly,
sweeping one away in a moment of pause.
would it be so bad, drowning in a stream of free flowing words?

This poem's pulse isn't in its structure,
meter, or rhyme; it's in the undertones
which pulled you in, that last ah ha moment
when you possibly began to see?


KB said...

Debate at Helium? Surely not? Hehe.

Marja said...

I love poetry like yours or I don't. For me its a thing of the heart. I never learned much about it and just started as I started blogging without any rules. Therefore I don't know if I am allowed to have an opinion on it but than again If the reader likes it isn't that what you want to achieve, not that they critises the rules


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