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A Poem

A poem
has texture-
It's versatile,
comfortably worn.
Technique allows its' freedom
to move with ebb and flow.
A poem is layered, but not desperately,
and is coordinated poetically
...but never so crazily,
that a readers eyes would roam.


JL Dodge said...

Ah yes a poem indeed is all of this !!
Nice piece for the Rally

Jingle said...

true, well done...

Happy Mother's Day.,

Matt Coughlan said...

Absolutely agree. Good work! :D

newtha said...

well written,,
speaking only the truth,,

K McGee said...

Yes! Now, if only I can master all of these things. Nice work.

Isabel said...

wonderful description of a poem. nicely written.

Andy said...

Ah...the ebbs, flows and freedom of poems. Great depiction.
Thanks for sharing.

jcahrens said...

sometimes a few words can say so much...you accomplished that here!

Lu Ann said...

A very poetic definition of a poem :) Happy Rally!

Lu Ann.

Gloria said...

You describe a poem I would enjoy as I enjoyed this. :)

KB said...

I like it!

Emily said...

I love meta-poetry. Great work!

Judith C Evans said...

I like "layered, but not desperately." That really say it for me. Love it!

mindlovemisery said...

Lovely description


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