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The Useful Pssst

I am clueless
as to who revolutionized the pssst;
Such a quirky little sound~
This renovation
of the English vocabulary
has grown tenfold!

Why couldn't I have invented it?

When I consider
how my knowledge
of what's proper wanes,
would I not serve
my native language well
by teaching my tongue
to dispense of the pssst
with the precision
of an English teacher?

The pssst is so useful too!

For example, while trying
to get the attention of a waitress
I'll simply say,

"Pssst, may I have some water?"

If a sea of eyes reflect disgust,
I'll smile sweetly
and when I get up to leave
I'll pssst for my bill...

...Just as the door gets ready
to shut on my backside, I'll
boldly open the door and
utter a parting pssst and wave.

What a fabulous addition
to MY vocabulary.


lynnaima said...

lol, the funny thing is that the pssst is used as such in my country and English in not even our first language lol.

It is used to call people from far away, to say hello, to hail a cab, to compliment lol ha ha ha

Your piece was hilarious lol, though I read your frustration with the use of it but uhm lol funny just the same


Jingle said...

poetic and wow.

vocabulary is one of your strength,
have fun!


JamieDedes said...

Very original choice of topic, which you then handled in an original manner.

Pssst! It's good! Thanks for a fine Potluck poem.

booguloo said...

I love "Hey You", popularized by one of my favs, Pink Floyd.

booguloo said...

I got off on a tangent, erased it and realized I didn't tell you how much I liked it!

bendedspoon said...

pssst I enjoyed! like it :)

KidDenverPoet said...

Original for sure. Great job. Needed the smile today.
Pssst, great job!

Mia said...

Psst...Loved it!



fiveloaf said...

psst... haha i never thought of that till you enlighten me! here's my potluck.. http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2010/02/22/springtide/

Kay said...

Pssst! That was great!

Rachel Hoyt said...

Very cute poem! I too love to use the pssst. :)

Missy said...

Thank you all so very much for stopping by. I loved doing this piece. I've been trying to stretch my poetic arms a bit and create things which would otherwise slip by me. I said to self one day, self start using expressions from your day and see what happens LOL. Thanks again. All your comments are valued.

indiwriter said...

lol.. I loved this.. and what a refreshing topic.. pssst.. don't tell anyone!

Maria Papadopoulou said...

This was so witty! Love it!

Jingle said...

awards for you!

how are you?

feel free to take any awards from my post, smiles.

Heaven said...

What a fun post... It made my day~


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