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A Camping I went

A camping I went

Camping I went, what a glorious sight.
Water glistened in the pale moon light-
Fog arose with the morning dew,
it was chilly and temp so cool

 The bugs and ticks how they'd bite-
 so repellent was sprayed...oh what delight!

In the tent I tried to sleep-
but devilish raccoon's played in the trees.
Fishing was fun and oh the glee, when
my son caught a trout, glory be.
Much to my horror and delight
I watched while he gutted and
chopped off its head that night

The bugs, now I mentioned,
but let me reflect- they buzzed and
hummed and caused me too fret.
Around my head and body they flew
landing in my mouth, I ate some it's true.

Camping, it's great, it was a blast-
but it's not like I remembered from the past.
My bones they ache, my legs are bruised-
I keep scratching, because the bathrooms were crude.

Next time I go and as I gather the gear,
I'll recall my friend who brings an RV every year-
There I'll rest in peace as the cool air blows,
and laugh at the bugs, who can't fly up my nose.


Anonymous said...

That's funny, the RV sounds nice.:)

bendedspoon said...

lol! It still is a good memory with your son. How many bugs have you eaten? Peace :)

Shadow said...

hee heee, yeah, leaving the roughing it for the youngster. as we get older, we do it in style.

Anonymous said...

good one! mines here~ http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2010/06/18/natures-gravity/

Jingle said...

glad to see you.

what a treat.


Rachel Hoyt said...

I must admit my back doesn't survive roughing it as well as it used to. That RV sounds nice! :)

My potluck poem: Fly Geyser.

Promising Poets Parking Lot said...

Awards for you, thanks for the support!

Share a free verse today,

Bless your talent.


4 hours to go before closing, welcome in.


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