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Working for pennies

Working for pennies

He sat on the corner
hat outstretched
a sign in hand read,
"I'll work for pennies"

Two small children
flanked his sides,
each smiled with such
childish innocence.
She felt their poverty
in her heart.

Digging into her purse
she pulled out twenty dollars
and put it into the man's hat.

"What can I do for you lady", he asked.
Looking at the man she smiled,
"Feed your children sir", she said.

Walking away she heard the excitement
in the voices of those kids. It wasn't
that she was feeling obligated to feed
every homeless person on the street,
no, she'd seen herself reflected in the eyes
of that man.

It wasn't so long ago she too
was working for pennies.

1 comment:

KB said...

What a kind hearted soul she is.


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