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Deep in the woods

I was not prepared for that first time;
excitement pulsed throughout my body.
I remember the tingling sensation
and first gasp of wondrous surprise.

Against my heated skin, I felt the wind;
I sighed with the deliciousness of it all.
From the top of my head to the tips of my toes
a slow warmth radiated, rousing a smile.

How was I to know the impact
it had on me, I was young.
Yet, even then I knew the greatest
of life's pleasures bestowed on tender eyes.
There, on that day, deep within the mountains
I lost myself to the grandeur of the Gila's.
Still, today, those mountains call me.
One day perhaps I'll return and
lose myself to their beauty once more.


Morning said...

well expressed experiences /sentiments.

Glad to read you today,
Happy Valentine's Day.

KB said...

Sounds wonderfully romantic my friend x


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