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The Hour is Nigh

What do you bring us O' Harbinger?
A panacea to dry our eyes~
Do you own a panoply of wisdom
from whence hope comes?

Your words are quintessential for beating hearts,
you who holds our ears by their lobes.
Please speak harbinger, loosen your lips.

See these woebegone faces before you?
They are waiting, bones aching~
there is a need, for even the sun needs a horizon
for which to rest upon when rising and setting.

Come now, deliver your proclamation.
Our impatience makes you weary, but
we tire so. How we long for that time
when you will imbue newness to our existence.


Shadow said...

i feel a need here for sun and heat...

Brian Miller said...

wow...this is gorgeous...and yes we need to hear and have our lips loosed...

KB said...

Excellent my friend x

Anonymous said...

The Master said,"Agape one another as I have Agaped you.." my translation..

Marja said...

Wow excellent work Missy

Missy said...

Booguloo, you're on the right track :)

Marja, thank you. I added you to the Poetry House on Facebook, so if you want to leave some of your beautiful poetry there as well please feel free to.

Lu Ann said...

Great post, nice to read and wonderful to think!

Jingle said...


Greetings, Happy Tuesday! Blessings…

Friendship Awards, Enjoy!
Thanks for the support, You Rock!


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