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A piece of the rock

Across the page a river flows
wicked lines where blackness grows,


MaDnEsS rules this pending page
because the poets in a haze and
words pause while she sways,


Should she move that pen to lip,
as the page madness slips...


Lost within blackness's grip
purple and gray start to skip

a ~tango~

Ding donging of a clock,
blackness fades, her memory's

Through the daze of purple hues
familiar reins her in, she views

~the PaGe~

Tossed into the recycle bin,
chin in hand she flashes a grin,
because she knows it'll happen again...
the page will fade and blackness will win,

~ThE mAdNeSs~


Marja said...

In this case blackness didn't win. A nice flowing original great poem

thewhitebuffalowoman said...

Like this & your poem for Jingles rally. :)

KaShaw Radio said...

Wow really love this, Thank you for sharing

drmadangoyal said...

Cute and nice flow of words.
Liked it.

Jingle said...

this is simply divine.

Jingle said...


Welcome attending poets rally week 33, link in a poem, visit 18 poets, done,
Poetry awards assigned upon completion.
Happy Friday!
Thanks in advance for the attention!

Harshika said...

an interesting poem to read

Jingle said...

missing you ,,,
hope all is well..
come to my poets rally if you can.


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