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My wish

I'd like my severance to be paid
in reams of gold leaf on poet's scroll,
beneath a canopy of azure skies
where random leaves of fall colors
drape my casket in tribute to my life.

If you must cry, then cry in a sympathetic
way, not for me, for those left behind.
Their eyes, though muddy with grief, will soon settle
and the once stirred waters will clear.

This capsule of ivory I lay in
is a ridiculous waste of money.
Soon I'll be free of it and
walk again amongst you... When
Jah calls my name.

Remain strong, do not waver.
For I'll be expecting to see you
when this, "this death" releases me.


KB said...

It is indeed hardest for the ones left behind. Lovely write my friend.

Jingle said...

direct and moving.
well done!

Shadow said...

i have to agree with your sentiments here... lovely write!

Jingle said...

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let me know when you are ready.
Thanks a lot.


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