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Envy's Kiss

To say this color green suits me well, hurts.
Truth be known green is what I am.
It's a fatal blow of envy's kiss which leaves
me languishing in bitterness.

You drape your arm with an adornment...it's not me.
She with her onyx eyes and pomegranate lips
coils around you like a snake, posed to strike anyone
who gets to close to her prey.

Perhaps I should clothe myself in red as well,
don't get me wrong, these aren't the colors
of a festivitious  celebration,  they're
the sins which plague my heart.


Kraxpelax said...

The Moon
on a cat


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lukepraterswordsalad said...

'onyx eyes'... marvellous. Enjoyed this one a lot. Nice to visit yr blog, hope to be back in the future.


Luke @ WordSalad


Jingle said...

well said,
sins plague your heart,
tear it apart,
that's sad.

vivid image,
beautiful crafted words.

Eye-shuh said...

ooo.. sounds intense.

TALON said...

The image of the snake coiled and ready to strike - what a powerful image. I really this poem. The title was perfect and the description of envy so well done.

fiveloaf said...

great writing..

KB said...

The little, green-eyed monster, I have known her well. Nicely done girl x

Jingle said...

Three awards for you, I value your participation at Jingle poetry during past weeks, hope to see you again tonight. Our theme is love and romance, have fun sharing! xxx

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