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Smoking Pen

I wield a mostly silent pen
since silence stokes a flame,
creating all which comes to be
upon a written page.

It doesn't really matter
what brings this flame to life,
it's what it accomplishes
when my smoking pen takes flight.

My pen flares creatively
it's par for poetic art,
especially when unleashed
as words and verse move hearts.


Jingle said...

smoking pen is super powerful,
love your work.
well delivered piece.

Anonymous said...

Amazing well penned poem...thanks so much for linking with Potluck!!

Anonymous said...

the flame imagery is so apt when describing creativity, no? nicely said.

Anonymous said...

Very well written..

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You will have 60 hours enjoying the fun.
Hurry up, the more you share, the happier we are.
Hope to see you in our party, hurry up, the earlier you are in, the more traffic you get...
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Anonymous said...

How true - "words and verse move hearts" May your pen continue to blaze!


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