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Moonlit Tropics

Moonlit tropics - Co-written with William Burkholder

Starry nights with loved ones shared
visions of boats on harbors sail
moonbeams streaked with tattered lace,
blows in wind's delicate soft grace.
Wrapped up in a blanket we hold,
all of nighttimes magic unfolds

Resting terns in harbor light
greeting grace that comes with night
Loons call rising on inland swale
Bidding come the weary sail
Flapping quietly in dusky breeze
The sunset dying behind the trees

White sand fantasies easily steam
in moonlight walks by silver streams
Hand in hand we make our way 
while nighttimes music makes us sway.

And you and I in the recompense
Walk the moonlit way
to commune with surf and solitude
finding serenities quay.


Jingle said...

how pleasant to jump in here and read your words.
brilliant poem!

Jingle said...

And you and I in recompense
walk the moonlit way,
to commune with surf and solitude
finding serenities quay.

love the magical moon walk,
superb corporation with friend William....

TALON said...

So lyrical and beautiful...moonlit walks are pure magic and you captured that perfectly.

Anonymous said...

great imagery

Missy said...

Thank you one and all for commenting. This collaborative piece was a fun write. I love the sway it gives to the emotions it evokes.

Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

This is worthy of a song and so wonderful for our theme!! Love seeing you linked in, thanks so much!! Hugs x

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the participation,
welcome in next time!

Jingle said...


pass to 1 to 10 friends..
Happy Weekend!

hope to see you at our poetry potluck tomorrow.

Jingle Poetry said...

Our poetry potluck is NOW open, welcome linking in..

hope you well.


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