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"When I think how life used to be" (C.O.T.)

...I've transitioned,
transitioned into the third trimester of my life.
I feel the pangs of age and the joy of wisdom,
wisdom which now enhances this stage, my life.

I would not travel through time to change one thing,
each moment, each trial, each joy and each tear
has shaped this moment I'm in now. I might not
have enjoyed the pleasure of knowing you otherwise.

What was or used to be no longer exist;
merely a residue of memory contains those
episodes of my exsistence. How I've been changed
and live now matters.

"When I think of how life used to be" I am thankful,
thankful for this opportunity to write these simple words.
To feel this virtual pen knowing I've left a bit of myself here.
Here in these words you now read.


KB said...

Our stage of life sure is grand.

Anonymous said...

If I only I was as positive about my past life as you. As far as I'm concerned, the only way is up, and about time too!!

gautami tripathy said...

No regrets is my mantra!

half-way through

Anonymous said...

Great perspective.

G-Man said...

Third Trimester?
I got socks older than you!!!
Melissa...You are truely missed!

Jingle said...

hope that you do well and feel well..


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