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Inheritance Track

My Dear Friend Keith challenged me and a few others to put down our Inheritance Track, one that I'd ascribe to me and then one I'd pass on so here goes.

This track may seem foolish or silly, but  with it comes the fondest memories of my brother, sister, father, mother and I all gathered together. We were in that moment bonded as close as a family can be bonded and just lost to the wonder of unity within a family.

Tom T. Hall was a singer who appealed to the masses on so many levels. Especially to the people of country living.  His songs revolved around what you'd think about when you thought of country folk and not the hick version either, just laid back, working hard for family and land, the never knowing a stranger type of people.

This song was on one us kids would full lunged sing and giggle with. I mean how is it possible for a snake to sneak up and drink  your rootbeer?

I give you Sneaky Snake by Tom T. Hall.

What song would I pass on to my son? It's hard to know. Joshua has been my inspiration and at times the bane of my existence. I'm his mother, my love is unconditional, but it can be tried. We've both learned though things are easily overcome with love and patience.

I suppose I'd pass on another country song. Funny how all things can be said and expressed in the lines of a country song. I've an eclectic taste in music though, but I always go back to what I was raised on as a child.

I hope that no matter what my son faces in life or what roads he travels he'll be able to find happiness and just dance.

I'll pass on Lee Ann Womack's song "I Hope You Dance"


KB said...

This is beautiful Missy. I especially lke the song you picked for Joshua.

keithsramblings said...

Missy, this is great. There is so much tenderness in your words. The first song made me giggle and the second is simply lovely.

Marja said...

Lovely missy What a great messge in the second one. Sent you lots of love
from NZ

Missy said...

Thanks for commenting :) This made me think of some old memories and think about what I'd will someone in music that would capture the whole essence of what I'd wish.

Marja - I hope you are well. It's been awhile. I've not been doing a lot of blogging blogging. I'm keeping my weight loss blog and Facebook these days.

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