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Going Mad

There's much to do within a day
oft times not a sec to play;
hours dictate hands on clock,
which tick tock tick the strangest mock.

How I wish to move those arms
sending them swirling with shocked alarm,
Then flash a smile with sweetly crazed charm;
would that cause such mad hatterly harm?

Through the door, whiffs of the strangest brew,
you and I drink from a shoe.
Around the floor arranged as hearts,
ticks the hour of maddingly clicked clocks.

If mad clocks click
with charm so crazed,
mocking tick tocking
with brew so strange;
the hours nigh
and soon will rise,
hatterly swinging clocks,
tick tocking, tick tock.

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KB said...

Oh I hear ya Missy. Had any luck with your Amazon links? I have had a few clicks but no orders as yet.


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