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Passing Through

It's never good to lose oneself
inside a bottle which robs the mind,
in turn destroys the soul within
and leaves you feeling less inclined.

You have to dig deep inside
to find the spark you once knew,
and then begin to stoke the flame
to fire all which is uniquely you.

We each must be accountable
for all that paves the paths we walk,
then tend or weed the vines that sprout
across our winding lane of growth.

All are caterpillars who inch their way,
until the need to morph anew.
Then in cocoon we change with life,
emerging as butterflies winged, renewed.


KB said...

This piece really speaks to me at the moment. I am in the process of making amends for some of the wrongs I had been part of. I'm shedding the old skin to expose the beautiful butterfly within.

Missy said...

Karen you've always been a butterfly to me kiddo. ((((Hugs)))).

It's good to make amends though and open doors once closed or finding peace within.

Love ya.


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