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Silence in empty rooms,
a home void of children,
Memories put away between
parched antiqued pages;
released to thought when
unguarded moments haunt the heart,
especially "when you are
old and grey and full of sleep."


Anonymous said...

Missy, this is beautiful. I can't beleive you wrote it minutes after I put the prompt up.

Whitesnake said...

Beautifully put.
BUT..I am going out with as much party time as I can muster!

Greyscale Territory said...

"parched antiqued pages;..." = a glorious, descriptive image! And the whole poetic reflection is simply beautiful!

Stan Ski said...

You captured the moment really well.

gs batty said...

nice...well written but I hope I never reach that point

Anonymous said...

this is nice for the old and grey... anyway tq for coming around my blog- if you like dig in to my archives..


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