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"If you really want to hear about it" and you're brave enough to stand the truth,
and you're willing to own up to your part, then baby here's the proof.

Put your hand in a bucket of water, swirl it around just so. Now pull it out quickly,
No impression whata you know!!! Don't stand there, mouth open, you asked me what
I knew, now get along you lazy goober or you'll get my size nine boot.

Just having fun!!!! Although I must admit, the images of my ex wearing my shoes stuck in his arse was quite hilarious :)


Stan Ski said...

Nasty... in a funny kind of way :)

keithsramblings said...

That told him!

gs batty said...

wow...certainly wouldn't want to get you mad at me...I don't need a boot up my toot...

KB said...

Hehe. Funny whose face comes to mind after reading this.

Rinkly Rimes said...

You must lead a very dramatic life!


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