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Dusty Roads

Mom and dad said,
"A quarter wont get you far".

Hiding a laugh behind pretended worry
mom asked, "You sure you want to runaway Missy"?

"Yes", i replied quite miffed-

Marching out the door, my back stiff and
two bouncy pigtail moving back and forth,
i pulled my raggedy suitcase behind me.

Counting twenty steps to the dirt road
took forever...or so it seemed.
Looking down the road, it went on forever;
"How far to the blacktop", i wondered?

Sockless feet, in worn sneakers
paid the price for my impetuous decision;
blisters and rocks left their imprints on tender skin.
i was young and stubborn, so i didn't turn back.

Soon an old truck pulled beside me,
dust filled my nose as it stopped.

The lady asked me,
"Missy where are you going"?

"i don't know, somewhere my lips trembled".

Crying i could only hiccup a reply.
My five year old heart was broken,
mom had let me go.

i was tired, my arm hurt;
the suitcase was so heavy.
Yucky dust was in my hair;
i wanted to go home.

In my mind hours had passed,
but it was only minutes.
The lady helped me into her truck.
i wasn't scared, she was our neighbor.

i felt butterflies in my stomach
as she turned the truck around.
She was taking me home...

...For whatever reason I ran away that day,
it's forgotten. A memory settled in dust of youth.

Mom and dad were right, a quarter couldn't get you far,
but that day it was enough to bring me back up that dusty road...to home.


sg beatty said...

what a great snippet of child hood. We all had to run away in our youth at least once

KB said...

What a cute story. I think we've all run away at some time or other.

keithsramblings said...

How sweet! I still feel like running away sometimes!!

Marja said...

oh how cute and only 5 years old.
I can see it in front of me A little missy with a big suitcase.
I run off once and they didn't even notice that i was gone. I was a lot older though


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