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Cleaning and Gleaning

I'm cleaning out cobwebs,
Gleaning insight too;
What's important in life,
comes with different views.

I've hid behind pretenses.
I'm more than just a name.
So I'm cleaning out cobwebs,
till I shine through all this rain.

My life's had its moments-
when shades have been drawn,
blocking out reasoning
when uncertainty came to call.

It doesn't matter,
if I've had a set back or two;
I'm cleaning out cobwebs
gleaning insight too.

I've faced mountains,
which now seem like hills;
Scaling all those ridges,
made me face the thrills.

So, I've stoked a fire
to illuminate my way-
gleaning insight daily,
keeps my pathway lit and safe

1 comment:

tipslifeandtravels said...

You still write beautiful poetry thats for sure. cheers


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