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Poem inspired by Langston Hughes "Cultural Exchange"

I grew up not knowing color,
that's the way it is for kids
...you know they're colored blind, until shown-

When i did learn, it wasn't because i was taught-
i saw how others reacted to, you know...shhh  (BLACK).

I would think how sad is that, I love black!
So many different hues of black...i was jealous,

white you see is only white. I could add hints of color but,
it was never my own, this coating of mine just freckles.

Shame, i've known shame,
it's lingered around my neck at times,
the bright red color of shame. I see fellow humans
mistreat their brother, sister, mother, and father.
Who dictates majority I wonder? Don't we all bleed the same?

Here is my shame...i can't change the whole,
even though i've tried raising my son to see
the wonders of color. Without color we'd live in a dull world,
it'd be like only eating porridge and nothing else...boring.

We've progressed so far, yet the skin we wear
still creates barriers? I'm doing my part though,
i'm seeing with eyes wide open, they're not jaded,
nor do they shy away from different hues.

As I've said before,"If the color of my skin
determines the person I am, then
I'm dead to you, for I am who I am".

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