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Inspired by E. E. Cummings "Listen"

don't doubt.
It was in the blue of midnight
you were conceived,
...that is (in love) of the pale blue moon.
Two people,
your father and I, in view of God
gave life to a garden ~
planted in the truth of what then was.
There in the soil (of me) you grew.
You grew in turquoise waters,
and I thought of you often. Would
you know later in life, when trials
fell upon you and love grew less
(between your father and I) you, our bloom,
was still loved.
Please, don't let the roads
of cobalt cloud your eyes.
vows may crumble(in marriage),
yet...parental love is not always forsaken.
You're still a precious Sapphire
and your father and I, (together
in love), created you in the truest of blue.

1 comment:

Marja said...

A beautiful poem You love your son very much


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