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Your Judas

I walked your wails like a parapet
so close to the edge I could feel
your jagged cries as they burst
my ear drums.

No salve will ease the teeth
embedded deep within your spine.
A volatile cocktail attached to
your bone yard is evidence of an attempt.

It's hard to hear of the abuse you endure,
as once again your beaten and battered
when the floor stopped your downward spiral.
How much more, dear sister, will you endure?

The Hippocratic Oath to render service is a lie!
Such gods as these play with their self promoted grandeur.
"How can you know your body, you only wear it", he says.
There you stand to weak to even support your skeletal frame.

Your persecution is a reflection of his negligence.
A proud cock crowed before the sun even rose
and in his anger he mutilated you, my sister.
His signature has been left six times,on your back.

All I can do is sit here and write about it;
my words fall from the purest of emotions,
borderline hate, wanting retribution for you.
I want to shrivel up like a raisin and hide
among other raisins of like appearance.

Sister oh sister, if only I could bare your torture stake.
Your Judas is a butcher, he should dangle from the scalpel
which started it all. If only he'd used kid gloves and fretted
over you as an artist does his masterpiece, then perhaps
you'd know life and remember what living is.

Rebecca, my sister, know that my silence is grief,
if I uttered one word my anguish would crush
your delicate soul. My Judas is watching you
trying to live, while your assassin plays golf
knowing your days could be shortened.


Shadow said...

very powerful!

Mike said...


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Whitesnake said...

All that for 13 coins?

Hardly seems worth it!


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