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Affix my face to an effigy,
no not a sculpture on some stone.
but chiseled inmost words unrhymed
so others see how I'm predisposed.

I want my image not sheathed
in marbled rock of counter use,
but buried deep within the verse
where edicts cast a better view.


Toadee said...

a worthy wish, to be imortalised in word.

Shadow said...

now those are the words of a true poet!

Whitesnake said...

Be careful what ya wish for, Ya may just get it!

madeline d. murray said...

I see how you're predisposed already: to 'find the thought that finds the words.' Beautiful poem. Thank you.

Missy said...

Tim - wouldn't it just!!! Hope you are well

Shadow - That poem is me for sure

Anon - no thanks

Steve - If only

Madeline - Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your comment truly.

Anonymous said...

Your wish is certain to be granted. What beautiful words.

Jingle said...

best wishes for your worthy wish.
short yet beautifully said.

Jingle said...

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Shigune Matsui said...

I loved your little poem. It was quite a short, very interesting read. Wanna see mine? It's at http://thelunaticsdiary.blogspot.com/2010/10/vampires-autumn-visions.html

Anonymous said...

Write on!
I love this poem!
Poignant and strong.
Thanks for sharing this, I'm glad I read it,


(my entries)

Carina Fosse said...

I think I would understand this poem more if I knew what an effigy was. :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome Idea! lets just hope it comes later than sooner!:-)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem - beautifully constructed, exactly as in your Robert Frost quote above!

Anonymous said...

vividly written- :) nice!

Jingle said...

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