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Bella Notte

Bella Notte

Beautiful night, calming serenity.
Your skies aglow with champagne diamonds.
Raven shadows pique feline curiosity.
I want to dwell in your darkened corners
finding solace within the hem of onyx.
How often you command lovers to tryst,
luring them with promises of obsidian secrecy.

Here they call you Bella Notte;
I suppose it's because you incite amore.
An Italian profumo, lingering on sable skin,
which reveals nocturnal ballads of clandestine affairs.

Oh Bella, Bella Notte.

Dawn is peaking, your ebony color fades
revealing lighter hues of night's secrets.
As charcoal gives way to tangerine,
I stir, your music whispering in my ears.


Marja said...

Yawning, charcoal gives way to tangerine I can see the colours of the night changing.
You have an amazing way of expressing yourself. Gorgeous poem
(sorry don't want to annoy you but just change french into Italien)

Shadow said...

aaaah, yes, what a way to go into the weekend!

G-Man said...

This makes me want to suck on a piece of spagetti with a beautiful women dining Al Fresco in some romantic Italian city.

Missy said...

Marja - It's so good to see you out and about again!!

Shadow - Hope your weekend is a glorious one

Galen - If I know you, you'd have prepared the meal, then basked in the presence of your company drinking vino. Perhaps a gondola ride too


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