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With excited anticipation
my day begun some hours ago.
Woke up to the smell of bacon,
a waffle, and coffee.

The smell of coffee was...nectar,
seductively alluring and rich in aroma.
Like a bee starved for a bit of honey,
I lovingly sipped my first cup.

Slowly my synapses began to connect,
shooting pleasure of Colombian Delight
across parched tonsils. A desert land
due to hours of sleep.

Little electrodes of awakened awareness
rudely attacked the rest of my body.
Eyes still filled with fairy dust
grew brighter with the dawning.

Ahh, yes, life oozed through every cell.
Realization arose. Tink, tink, tink,
the sound of raindrops finally registered.
A smile spreading across a wrinkled terrain.

It's to be today, the snow that is. Today
a blanket of white moves in, to leave behind
a bad case of dandruff. First earth's shower.
There's nothing like drinking coffee on a rainy cold day.

I've sat down to pen a few words,
trying to capture this days beginning.
One day, perhaps, my words will flow with grace.
For now it's the raw, savage, writing I desire.

I hope you don't mind I wrote it here.
Somehow it seemed appropriate that I share this with you all.
This very real and expressive day I'm having.
It's been some time since I've written from a spark-

I thought the well had dried. Must have been in remission.
For now I leave this thought here, amongst rhymes.
Don't know if I'll extract it either. It seems at home here,
here amongst others thoughts, nestled amid poetic ventures.

1 comment:

Shadow said...

write away. i can practically smell that coffee...


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