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I've tried the sonnet a time or two
and found it difficult to write
I try to stick with what I know
but love to read a sonnets flight.

I'm more the free verse type of gal
who writes without the thought of line
and in so doing I have found
the purest joy, unhindered rhyme.

But I admire the writer who
can put the sonnet in straight line
keeping time with ta boom ta boom
while I enjoy the la ti da.

So write on those who sonnet pen
keep jotting lines which make me grin.


Shadow said...

wow, you did that really well though...

Gerry Boyd said...

way to stay on form.

keiths ramblings said...

Well said and well written! I just Gogled sonnet to remind myself what it's all about and I found this - 'the Italian form is distinguished by its bipartite division into the octave and the sestet: the octave consisting of a first division of eight lines rhyming' de bla de bla de blah, and I decided to stick my own way of writing!

KB said...

I love the rhythm of your poetry...oh dear, that sounds a bit rude.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.



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