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6:02 A.M.
Winter's song
keeps beat with the
ocean's current and moon's phase.

I think about how you can't control
the way the wind blows,
it would be like defying gravity.

This day has been pitched into the wild,
a symbolic note of a chord's progression perhaps.
I'll sing you to me with the breeze;
if the answer is no, can I change your mind?

Just give me time, for
my voice shakes.
I should have kissed you,
instead I took away love and added loneliness.

For now I'm blue, like jazz;
Never again shall I fly, or so it seems.
It's 6:03 A.M.
Winter's song plays on.


Shadow said...

how i loved this. you've got winter under the tips of your fingers, touching the keyboard, right into my mind....

Amias said...

Beautifully said! I call this the winter blues.


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