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I loved you in silence

Sometimes there are no words
to express the depths of love,
just vestiges of a steady heartbeat.

In these silent times
emotion is so profound,
a single word destroys
love's true essence.

Search my soul;
feel what my eyes,
hands and actions say.

Know that I have
loved you in silence.


jEeRo said...

i love this poem..can really relate to it..

thkx for sharing..and keep writing..

Shadow said...

loving in silence.. mmmm, that may be true love indeed...

Amritbir Kaur said...

Amazing, the beauty of silence at its best...!!! I loved every word of it.

Marja said...

Enchanting oh I do know to love in silence

keith said...

You have written so eloquently about a situation I know only too well. Truly beautiful.

Nadege said...

missy, this poem carries such truth within the lines.


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