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It's not worth it

I could care less
about fame and riches.

Some wrap it around their shoulders,
others wear it on their fingers.
Name in lights, yes there are those.
A home in Beverly Hills, three million dollars,
fame is costly.

I think of those hypnotized by the glitter...
funny how the sparkle washes away in the
morning light when death's stench has set in;
some poor sap with to much money overdosed
of twenty thousands dollars worth of cocaine.

Money sure can buy you anything.

That actress, she looked different when she started out
all wholesome and well...REAL
i think i saw something familiar in her face, she
turned sideways and the feeling went away, vanished
in the plastic which coats her bones. When she's laid to rest
parts of her will take years to decay...if they ever do. Her
fame didn't buy her immortality, however it did by her a nice
set of boobs.

I've decided money and fame CAN get you somewhere,
it's the somewhere that's scary. i'd rather not buy into it;
i'm rather content in my little corner of the world,
struggling in the real world, pinching pennies
and shopping at Wal-mart.

I did have five minutes of fame once. A nod, oh not for an Oscar,
no this nod presented itself with a slap on a back and a certificate
stating "A Job Well Done"... i hated the attention it drew.. i was
red faced for over an hour... Yeah fame isn't for me.

I guess i'll go to my grave rich in life and my fame will consist
of the moment i missed my seat at Furr's Cafeteria and ended
up on the floor.....my chair went one way, i went the other.
Now that was a scene which should have made millions.

Oh well, at least i'll decay the way a human is supposed to. My body
returning to dust. Nothing polluting the ground which the next
generation will have to clean up.

I could care less
about fame and riches.


Marja said...

Great one Missy Let the bubble of ego, fame and money pop Because it is just a soapbell. Real life is just to enjoy the little things. Send you lots of love from NZ

Shadow said...

rich in life is a far better option....

Jane Doe said...

Very well done. And so true. Fame often gets people more than they bargained for. I think I'd rather stick to pinching pennies too.

keith said...

I'd settle for being famous for staying in the background. Don't need to keep up appearances there!


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