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Photo By:~takeru-san

An ancient dwelling
rest among the oleander.
Foundation subverted,
shambles remain.

For years foes gathered,
seeking to overthrow this wicked place.
Their folly met with failure.

Here the sun rarely shows;
peace never reigns.
Evil plays amongst these poisonous flowers,
a false facade of beauty.

On the hill the ruins totem is intact,
a deadly lure to the greedy.
What treasures remain,
bring only death.

It's better to face the rifle,
than what lives here.


Jessie said...

Wow -- the imagery on this is so real, you don't need the pic (although I really like it)! Very well done indeed.

Thanks for stopping by my corner of the blogspher. Hopefully I'll have a Tues. posting.

"Evil plays amongst these poisonous flowers,
a false facade of beauty." -- so true of life and some people ...


Missy said...

Jessie, thank you so much for stopping by. This is one of my favorite pieces.

I agree, in life and people this can be very true.

Shadow said...

ooooh, i'll be sure to stay away. your pic is perfect!

Missy said...

Shadow - It's the kind of place I avoid for sure hehe


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