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It seemed appropriate;
a bottle of red and murder.
Alone in the shadows
she contemplates her choices.

They were the color of night
and as soft as silk.
A cool G laid on the counter;
she slipped the underwear into her bag.

Airports are never a good place to sleep;
phantoms lurk in shadows.
A woman drunk on red and plotting murder smiles,
she's feeling good in her thousand dollar purchase.


Baron's Life said...

I'd hate to be her enemy....!
Well done.
Wonder who the mechanic was...pretty cheap for a thousand Dollars

Missy said...

Baron any woman who can spend a thousand dollars on a pair of under garments is evil LOL!!!

Thanks for commenting. I'll be by your place to see what you've been up to soon!

Jeeves said...

This is evil and nice

Missy said...

Jeeves - murder is such an evil business. I suppose even more so when a woman plots to kill, they tend to be more emotionally involved in it lol.

Thanks for stopping by

Baron's Life said...

Hey I've been up to no good...lol

G-Man said...

Yep.....I'll try to stay on your good side!!


Jessie said...

hmmm ... i do believe i like the way you think!! lol (evil laughter or whimsical???)


Toadee said...

wow! if my wife ever want's revenge I'd rather a knife in the back lol

beautifully written\excecuted


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