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Three Word Wednesday: The words for this weeks prompt are: Riot, Decay, Graceful

It rides upon the wind,
rioting for prominence.
Sometimes the change is subtle,
other times it's swift.

Whiffs of decay announce
multitudinous death.
Stark skeletal remains
evidence of carnage.

Yet such things happen
when the seasons change.
Yielding renewal and
graceful growth.


Andy Sewina said...

Yeah niceley put together, good use of the words!!

anthonynorth said...

Those cycles of nature can be harsh and graceful at the same time.
Nicely done.

gautami tripathy said...

The second stanza is too good!

graceful was no longer in fashion

Mark said...

Each succeeding stanza built on the last, to a wonderful conclusion.

Nice write.

Missy said...

Andy - Thank you so much for your kind words

Anthony - Yes so true, especially winter..brrrrr and thank you

Gautami - Thank you so much was trying to capture a good way to express dead limbs and leaves

Mark - Thank you so very much. I appreciate your comment.

ThomG said...

I picked these words just for you. And man, you didn't disappoint. Just a lot of great lines in this. And about nature. It all became clear in the end.

Seher said...

i think the words were meant just for you :)


Americanising Desi said...

why do i feel a knot?

My Decay of Graceful Riot

Tumblewords: said...

Ah, very nicely written - the seasons of life..Enjoyed this!

Baron's Life said...

Truly enjoyed this one...very well done...! where do you get your inspiration from

Stan Ski said...

Like it - what goes round...

Sweetest in the Gale said...

The cycle of life...harsh, yet also beautiful because it comes full circle. Wonderfully written!

Bobbie Sandlin said...

SWEET!! Love this!! All of this flows so wonderfully together. Beautiful expression of change.

Missy said...

Thom - Thank you for the lovely comment. Thanks hosting and searching out words for us lovers of the write

Seher - I have a feeling many will have found the passion of these words. Thank you so much for commenting

Americanising Desi - Maybe it's the approaching fall and all it brings :)...Thank you for stopping by.

Tumblewords - There is no stopping them that is for sure. Just have to latch on and enjoy what they bring.

Baron's Life - LOL my inspiration comes from everywhere, the prompts, pictures, words, life, poetic journeys, blogger friends. Thank you so much for stopping by. My brother traded his Hog in for a Chopper can you believe it!!! I mean his new ride is sweet but a Harley what was he thinking????

Stan Ski - Yes, the circle of life is vast. Thank you for commenting.

Sweetest in the Gale - Thank you so much. Those harsh days of seasons really touch home when the cold winds blow. Thank you so much for stopping by.

Bobbie S - Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Hope to see you pass this way again.

Jeeves said...

Nice one. Well said

KB said...

Wonderful use of the words hun.

Shadow said...

you tied some not so nice words into the beauty of the season, wonderful!

Just someone said...

That was nice - how it flowed from destruction to renewal!

Nice use of words:)

Missy said...

Jeeves - Thank you kindly! I appreciate you stopping in

KB - THanks kiddo. I enjoyed your 55'ers

Shadow - Thank you, the words for this weeks prompt really took quite a different trip for so many.

Just Someone - Thank you for your comments. You know I think of the destruction a fire brings, but with it, it also brings rebirth.. Ah the seasons they can be fickle

Baron's Life said...

I don't know what he was thinking Missy...Once a HOG always a HOG...but we must also remember...nothing is carved in stone...maybe you can write something on this..nothing is carved in stone

Amias said...

This was so when I was a child, but the summers are so long now it's hard to tell the seasons apart ...

.... this did bring back memories, and I especially loved the second verse.

pjd said...

The cycles of life and rebirth competently drawn out with subtlety. Well done.

Missy said...

Baron - Again thanks for the prompt. I really loved that and could have went many ways with it, but I explained why I did it this way on your blog

Amias - Thank you so much. I thought about how surreal it was that even when the leaves change and winter robs the lands of its fruitage, it looks rather skeletal and stark.

pjd - Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your comment very much.

April Lindfors said...

Wow, this was really beautiful. I really enjoyed it. I always look forward to fall...Florida summers can be suffocating.

A graceful stride across the parking lot

Jane Doe said...

Beautiful! I especially loved how you ended this poem with the idea of growth and renewal.


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