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The days have passed

Forty-three years I have seen.
Many roads I have traveled;
Seeding goodness and weeding badness.
Forging ahead, and then lagging behind.

How quickly they gather: seconds, minutes, hours, days.

I wonder where I spent it;
Infancy, childhood, or adulthood?
It’s lost to the yester-years,
Caught between day and night.

Oh days, how dare you pass when I wasn’t looking.

Gray hair creeps in and wrinkles leave their mark.
Skin dances upon my supple body,
draping my arms like curtains.
Were I vain I’d cover the mirrors, I’m a realist.

Soon I’ll be in the eve of my years,
On a front porch,with weathered rocker, covering many miles.
As memory fades and twilight rises,
I'll sleep the long sleep.

Yes, the days will have passed.


Jadey said...

Hey there Missy,

I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. Depression is serious and everyone should know the signs and get their loved ones help if they think something may not be right. You are so right in saying so there is no shame in getting help. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your friends family.

I also wanted to thank you for visiting my blog recently. The trip that I am writing about is not really happening it is a project I have the kids doing and we are enjoying it and having fun. Our first destination as you know is Egypt lol so keep reading we will have more destinations before the summer is out. Hugs to you.

Jeeves said...

Missy- Really sorry to hear this. My prayers to your friend and his family.

Anonymous said...

Dear Missy and circle,
In life the light ebbs
sometimes faster and more abruptly than we plan or expect.
May the still waters beyond the cataract be your guide.
All My Love and Energy

Shadow said...

i'm real sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. prayers to you and the family...

your poem, is outstanding. i'm exactly at the same point you are. 43 years. and looking back... looking forward... let's appreciate the now for the time being, i think.

ivan@creattivewritng.ca said...

How often come thoughts of suicide with the depression.
And yet where is the cure for the condition?
In my 71 years I have discovered to my horror is that more often than not, the "help"-giver is a person who will help you to go mad.
Get you into the system. "This is how we make a madman."
In some ways it is a good thing that the economy is now so bad. Makes you focus on real things, survival and not self-indulgence, not depression.
I'd say don't go to a shrink. Go to an employer. You'll see.

venus66 said...

So sorry. My prayers for your friend and his family.God Bless.

Whitesnake said...

I err ...ummm ..I mean.....

*** Hugs Missy ***

Missy said...

Thank you everyone. It was a nice visit with my aunt(friend) Doing as well as can be expected in such a tragic situation

Gerry Boyd said...

time is the only thing you can't get more of; thank god it's an illusion anyway.

Anonymous said...

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