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I stood at the gate enchanted
by scenes that lay before me.
Feeble attempts at taking
it in, unsuccessful.

I find traces of myself here,
lost among falling leaves.
They dance towards some destination,
what I don't know.

The intense beauty,
is so breathtaking.
A hustle and bustle of
pre-winter activities takes place.

Is my assertion of joy so strong,
it could be compared to a religious communion,
on a Sunday morning?

Riding the crest of Fall's beauty,
I let out inaudible sighs.
If they were heard, it would make
nature blush at the intensity of it.

Am I being too pretentious?
No amount of silence, can
truly hush my excitement
for this season.

Proud and brawny trees,
lay bare their naked structure
to Winter's coming coldness.
How they will thirst for Spring.

Lost here, amid nature and self,
my mind's eye reflects on
warming fires and hot chocolate.
Families gathered around the hearth.

So sweetly divine I don't feel
the first snowflakes landing upon
my eyelashes, until the gate groans
with the heaviness of it.


Baron's Life said...

This piece made my day... Thank You

Missy said...

Thank you! Have a great weekend.

venus66 said...

It's lovely. Thank you for your warm visit. Yes, it's my creation.:)

KB said...

I love the transitions between seasons too. Roll on Spring please.

g-man said...

Hey Hey Hey!!!

Summer just started didn't it?

Regardless...Your little piece of poetic genius ROCKED!!!

As you do....:-)

Shadow said...

beautiful! anticipation born out of subtle changes in the air.

Missy said...

Venus66- Thank you for stopping in it's appreciated

KB - LOL you're wanting Spring I'm wanting fall we are on opposite sides of the spectrum. Hope your weekend is a good one kiddo

Galen - Yay I suppose lol, doesn't stop me from wanting cooler weather. This hundred plus weather has wilted me. Have a great vacation when you go boyo.

Shadow - Thanks for stopping by. Your visits are always a nice surprise.

keith said...

Beautiful. As for me, I'm still hoping that Summer might arrive before Autumn takes hold!By the way, this piece is just perfect for todays Sunday Scribs!

meckesj said...


I loved your write. I could feel your excitment with the onset of cold weather. The hot chocolate, oh yeah.

Be well,

Missy said...

Joe, it's good to see you! I keep hoping you'll create a blog for all those wonderful stories and poems you create!!!

Thank you for stopping by!!

Keith - thank you, I love the fall and winter more than summer :)


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