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She Wore Beads

*NOTE* This was a attempt to take words normally considered offensive and turn them into something other than what they represent I.E. Whore and Harlot etc.

She Wore Beads

There once was a wicked hussy.
The town's eclectic floozy.
She'd dangle her beads, twirling them just so.
They were the color of a harlot, you know, "Red".

She often whored herself on cheap liquor and smokes while
reclining on the steps of the scarlet district.
What a strumpet in her high heels and fishnet hose!
Flashing her flamboyant posterior, she'd cause quite a show.

Men's heads would turn, those gigolos.
They'd whistle and say,
"Golly Look How She Strolls."


Marja said...

Golly look how she strolls Good one
Very clever poem I had to look up harlot Didn't know the word. I Holland we are quite relaxed about hookers and happy that they are there otherwise there would be a lot more crime unfortunetely

Lucy said...

i've always love the word gigolos! nicely done!

Toadee said...

you have painted a wonderful portrait full of colour and life


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