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Big Heads, Little Bodies

Big Heads, Little Bodies

I am merely human,
breathing everyday.
Blessings I've received,
I try to share the same.
Sometimes talents bring me
recognition 'till I glow.
So I humbly pray,
"May this head of mine not grow."
When my talents become dimmer
and my use goes away.
Those who stood beside me,
may no longer feel the same.
So I say cherish what you have,
share the gifts you've been bestowed.
Don't grow big heads on little bodies,
or a tumblin' you will go.

Acknowledgment: Scott Scherr, thanks so much for helping to pull this piece together. It has so much meaning within the words and you've brought what I was trying to say together in a far better way.


Jessie said...

i like this. big heads do tumble...

Shadow said...

this is a good 'rule' to live by. well done!

lissa said...

it's easier to say than to do, I like the first line,"I am merely human", it says a lot and people sometimes forgets this

Jeeves said...

This is so well said. Like the meaning conveyed.

Missy said...

Jessie - Yes and that is why I carry a needle to pop mine from time to time. :)

Shadow - So true our journeys are often times marked by the help extended towards us along the way.

Lissa - Our humanity is what makes us all so unique, and yes we do forget about our human state at times.

Jeeves - The meaning behind this is in fact due to inflated egos and what they do to others when their own self importance shadows everything else.

Alice Audrey said...

Well said.

Marja said...

Nice one but big hearts do not tumble and you got a big one
and big talent I put your famous poem on my blog and your head may grow just a little bit

jadey said...

Hey Missy,

Very nicely done. I think we all need a friendly reminder to keep it real thanks for this poem. My 55 is up.

KB said...

Don't worry, I'll let you know if your head gets too big. Hehe.


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