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Poetic Places

This coffee house is full of smells,
which tease a poet's nose.
Metaphors and similes,
expressed within their prose.

Gathered here with kindred hearts,
pens ready to compose.
Stanzas, verses play their part,
all this a poet knows.

Flavors of poetic drink,
are meant to be sipped slow.
So if inclined, spend some time,
there's no need for you to go.

Find the poet within yourself
and join in all the fun.
Let loose your pen, just begin,
sharing your poetry with everyone.


Marja said...

I wuld like a large poem please with a cloud of metaphoor and 3 similies
MMM nice cup
Love your poem I can smell it from here MMM nice

Shadow said...

spot on!

Missy said...

Marja - coming right up.

Shadow - as a poet, I know you know what I mean. Thanks for stopping by

bluebethley said...

I enjoyed the structure and language of this poem that invited me right into your coffeehouse . . . to share a lovely poem. Thank you also for visiting my sea-flavored poem.

Jeeves said...

Within us is a life we seek, we just dont tap.

Jaime said...

beautiful. Thank you for your kind words. Loving thoughts. Jaime

Missy said...

bluebethly - thanks for stopping by. This piece came about because of a site I am/was a member of. Sadly I had news today the CW part of this sites forums is going to be dissolved. At least we all have our blogs.

Jeeves - I think as a poet, I'm afraid to tap into those places that bring about dark thoughts. I mean this with poetry. Then again it could bring about my best piece yet

Jamie - you're welcome kiddo, thanks for stopping by and it's always a joy to view your blog.

Jessie said...

Well said!! I hope everyone sees this as a challenge and takes a whirl at it. :-)

Anonymous said...


This is my first official visit here. I will be back. :)


jEeRo said...

beautifully written this is..
thankx for dropping by my blog..


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