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Enshrouded in dreams
how delicate the soul.

Devoid of defenses, it's
not easy to defy those
memories which lurk unprotected.

Gnarled fingers of fear expose
silent screams, dissolving
them into nightmarish screams.

Here one is devoid of reason.

Eyes flutter searching for
the door which will release you
from the darkness.

Once awake,
you never forget
what waits in dreams.


KB said...

That's one scary dream hun.

Cynthia E. Bagley said...

That really describes some of my nightmares. :-)

Missy said...

KB and Cynthia dreams do have a way of becoming more that what we expect at times. Does bring chill bumps thinking of some of the ones I've had..

Thanks for commenting.

Toadee said...

that is such powerful writing, such perfect imagery.


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