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Dream if you dare

Dream if you dare

Noon of night
vulnerable unaware
voices from shadows
run if you dare.

Thought you'd find salvation
death is all you see
midnight chimes the hour
fear is your reprieve

Helter Skelter visions
pain is on the rise
ride the tide of horror
you may live or die

Should you make it out
this witching hour's dance
count yourself fortunate
others didn't have a chance

The midnight recesses of mind
and heart, tore your dreams
all apart.


Donnetta Lee said...

Okay. That is pretty darn spooky. I can't believe I just NOW figured how to get to your poetry! Oh, well. Better late than never. I'll have to get you some of my poems. It's been a while. Nice job, Missy. D

Toadee said...

wow Missy, that is so atmospheric and wonderful on so many levels both general and personal.

but damn you girl you make me want to give up writing because you're so damn good

KB said...

I agree with Toadee, you are an inspiration girl.

Toadee said...

hey it takes some power to get the blonde and the toad to agree ;)

Anonymous said...

Once again you are showing how to do it! Wonderful.

Marja said...

Just passing by and I get never disappointed when I read your poetry. Excellent Missy !!! Very original and inspirational. I absolutely love it.

David Elder said...


This poem is perfect for the season. Witches and goblins and ghosts, oh my! There's so much there to scare in the "noon of the night".

totomai said...

like im trapped in a labyrinth :-) very well fitted for the season

Cricket said...

I agree, very appropriate for the season and very well written.

Stan Ski said...

I think I got out, but when I look around me - sometimes I'm not so sure.

Missy said...

Hi everyone thank you thank you for your comments. This piece wasn't necessarily for Halloween. It came from those recesses where in dreams me are lost to the mysteries and scariness of images and thoughts we can't find our way out of. If when we wake and those memories are gone we are fortunate.

Thank you thank you again for stopping by.


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