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Essence of me

Never would I share myself
so easily in youth,
but age has made me stronger now,
my presence is the proof.
Broken by the hands of life,
first my marriage failed.
Then my soul was compromised,
as cancer tried to kill.
Never was I one to yield,
half way up a hill.
Tempered by the sands of time,
my essence has prevailed.
Asking nothing in return
for kindnesses I've shown.
Despite the road I've traveled on,
I'm proud to say I've flown.


Anonymous said...

A true survivor! A lovely poem Missy - very you.

Marja said...

You must be damn proud. I admire your strength. I also admire your beauty which shines through in your words. You are very special You should publish your writings!

KB said...

You are a lot stronger than you think and an inspiration to us all.

Love you


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